Coping: Just another word for Survival

Reminds me of Audre Lorde, Litany for Survival:
When we speak, we are afraid our words will not be heard, nor welcomed;
but when we are silent, we are still afraid…. (excerpt)

Immersing In Truth

I’m trying to figure out how I can:
1. Keep my commitments to myself
2. Be consistent in my commitmentsto myself
3. Make myself happy from the inside out
4. Be inspired to follow my purpose

Lately… I have not been doing what I want for myself. I have become really good at making up excuses. Knowing damn well excuses are the tools of the incompetent used to build monuments. Those who use them are seldom to succeed at anything they do. It goes something like that.

I fear writing. I’m a bit scared of the anger and resentment that will show through my writing. Aw fuck, I’m still stuck in people pleasing mode. I can’t even write in my journal without fear of being found out. I know I shouldn’t think that way and I trust very little and it’s getting smaller by the day. It’s funny and sad…

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