Ras Atiba & the Sarabita Movement continues to ‘Blaze Up Di FIYAH’…est. 2011
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To the core foundation

October 1, 2012

As I strolled down Albany Avenue, the voice of lyricist Valerie Kelley echoed through the streets. The energy from the live band and her vocals flowed out from the inner part of the venue. Passersby were privileged to sample an earpiece of the special treat for all Brooklynites. In the course of the wait for a cab, I drifted on the past occurrences. But, before I satisfy your crave for details, are you familiar with Sarabita Movement?

Sarabita Movement was found by Ras Atiba and manifested in February of 2012. Its goal is to promote Roots & Culture through live music, poetry and arts. Sarabita Movement is a devoted supporter of uprising artists who spread messages to uplift the community and the world, in attempt to inspire collective change for the better. Though the location for the program changed a few times, the purpose of the movement…

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October 8th Judah Tribe ft @ Sarabita Monday’s

Ras Atiba & Sarabita Movement continues to ‘Blaze Up Di FIYAH’…est.2011

To the core foundation

October 8, 2012


Every stable organization has specific guidelines, rules and regulations. Sarabita Movement is rapidly growing; however, the duplication of the program will remain a deep-rooted foundation.

If you would like to contribute your expertise in photography, cinematography, journalism, broadcasting, social media promotion, Disc Jockey/MC or any other major in the entertainment industry, Sarabita Movement would love to hear from you.

Sarabita Mondays at Purple Lounge is advertised as an after work hours event. The refreshing establishment is welcoming to dinner dates, sports lovers and individuals simply seeking a conscious retreat.

The Open Mic Session set in motion approximately at 10pm and continues until 11pm. The main feature of the night is scheduled to entertain the guest by 12am.

Are you a Dub Poet, Live Band, Reggae or R&B Artist desiring to be the featuring entertainer?

If you would like to perform at Sarabita Mondays…

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