Kingston Book Fest 2015: Over 24 Events in 8 Days

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This article by Tanya Batson-Savage appeared in Our thanks to Peter Jordens for bringing this item to our attention

Members of Jamaica’s book industry are gearing up for the 4th annual Kingston Book Festival, which will turn the city’s attention towards all things bookish over eight days. The festival takes place March 1-8, 2015. The Book Industry Association of Jamaica (BIAJ) has promised that the 2015 festival will feature over 24 events including the return of fan favourite as well as new events.

Kingston Book Fest opens with the return of Love Affair With Literature featuring Tanya Shirley and Roland Watson Grant. Love Affair With Literature has become an event featuring some of the best Caribbean writing.

Key among festival events will be the Kingston Book Fair, which after being on hiatus in 2014, will return to the lawns of Devon House on March 7, 2015. The fair…

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Bob Marley’s Literary Legacy

This Optic on Bob Marley highlights his meticulous talent as a poet, griot, storyteller and story-maker. The Lion told the story as he lived it…

We must continue the traditions, expand the tapestries and never again allow only the “hunter” to tell the tales. #UHURU

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Jamaica Woman Tongue

Bob Marley is one of the finest poets Jamaica has produced. His skilful use of language – both English and Jamaican – compellingly affirms his highly charged literary sensibility. Biblical allusion, proverb, riddle and Rastafari symbolism are all potent elements of his creative writing. His words require the careful critical attention we usually give to poets who don’t know how to sing.

In “One Drop”, Bob Marley vividly defines reggae as a “drumbeat … playing a rhythm/resisting against the system.” And the central concern of his songs is, most certainly, beating down the oppressive social system. Babylon, the whore, the fallen woman of St John’s Revelation, must be chanted down in fiery poetry.

The Rastaman’s chant against Babylon echoes the fall of biblical Jericho. The power of the spoken word is brilliantly manifested in the distinctive language of Rastafari. With upful lyrics, Rastafari condemn downpressors of all stripes. And they…

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