From Ankh to Akofena – Finding strength in symbols

Universal Life Lessons..

Give Thanks … Selah


There is such a deeper side to life that very few ever encounter.  What makes it even worse is that many who actually encounter this deeper side don’t know how to use it to guide them, or to express their gift to the world, or simply enjoy the world in a fulfilling way.  I have found that the power behind symbols brings a rich focus to my day-to-day journey.  As I look at them, I remember to remember as with the Sankofa Bird, I see the beauty in our queens, as with the Duafe, and on the flip side, I see the symbols that have brought on a sense of hatred and inhumane ideals as with the Nazi use of the swastika and the confederate flag being proudly waved all across the southern states.

The symbols that have represented my stance for some time now are the ever present Ankh, of Kemet…

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