Staying Power – A Potent Dose of Jamaican Culture In London

Let there be EVERYWHERE, our eyes, our voices, our hearts, our ART, etc….

Repeating Islands


This article by Dave Rodney appeared in Jamaica’s Gleaner.

The internationally acclaimed Victoria & Albert Museum in London describes itself as the largest collection of art and design in the world, and recently, the museum opened a compelling exhibition of photographs that chronicles the Black British Experience from the 1950s to the 1990s.

The collection of 118 works by 17 artists dubbed ‘Staying Power’ is already attracting hundreds of eyeballs from both art and design professionals as well as from curious admirers who have been pouring into the museum daily to see the photographs.

A part of the objective of Staying Power is to increase the number of Black British photographers and images of Black Britain in the Victoria and Albert collection. The exhibition also wants to raise awareness about the powerful contribution of Black Britons to British culture and society as well as to the art of photography.

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