sistaCipher: Afua Cooper-Utterances & Incantations

GSM member, mYia-Twiggy shares a “selfie” entitled, ‘Time-Full Insights’..

The focus of which is the book, Utterances and Incantations: Women, Poetry and Dub, edited by Afua Cooper (1999). This is a must read & re-read for all who ‘overstand’ the value, necessity and POWER within and across the stories of our diaspora, as Afrikan WomYn.

Every DAY is our Day!!

On March 8, the World “celebrates” International Women’s Day. However, as I sit here (battling a cold), my mind reflected upon the primordial vibrancy of the words in Afua Cooper’s poem, ‘Memories Have Tongues’, the deliberative reasoning threaded throughout Amuna Baraka-Clarke’s, ‘Trial & Tribulation’, and the celebratory resilience of Lillian Allen’s, ‘Rub A Dub Style Inna Regent Park’.

The poets featured offer a glimpse into the immense depths and dimensions of our experiences.

SALUTE to all who contributed to this much needed, ‘time-full’ Anthology.

Other poets featured include:
Michelle Barrow
Louise Bennett
Jean ‘Binta’ Breeze
Queen Majeeda
ahdri zhina mandiela
Cherry Natural
Deanne (Dee) Smith
Anita Stewart a.k.a. Anilia Soyinka


An excerpt: True Revolution (pg. 81)
…Revolution in wi heart
Revolution in wi thought
Revolution in wi house
Revolution in di street
Revolution widin and widout
Revolution 360 degreeeeee

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