Resolution/Position Paper of the African Internationalist Conference on African Women

Revolutionary SALUTE!!!
Forward Ever…

Wathint` abafazi, Strijdom!
Wathint` imbokodo uzo kufa!
Now you have touched the women, Strijdom!
You have struck a rock
(You have dislodged a boulder!)
You will be crushed!


By Yejide Orunmila
African People’s Socialist Party

There is less than a month left until the African Internationalist Conferences on African Women in Washington, DC (March 21-22) and London, England (March 28-29), and the time to register is now. Visit

These conferences will attempt to gather African women and men from all over to establish the African National Women’s Organization. We will have forums that focus on the issues faced by poor and oppressed African women and will provide avenues for these women to join the African liberation struggle.

It’s important to note that these conferences are being held during a month designated as Women’s History Month, which serves to highlight the contributions of women to events in history.

All over the world, conversations on the forward progression of women will take place. Most of these discussions, however, will happen without recognizing how imperialism and colonial domination have distorted…

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