Jamaica Film Festival Gathers Momentum

“Let there be EVERYWHERE…our eyes, our hearts, our voices…breathing Hope and Victory.”
-S. Sanchez-

Repeating Islands


This article by Michael Reckord appeared in Jamaica’s Gleaner.

Even before the start of The Jamaica Film Festival from July 7-11 in Kingston, new Jamaican screenplays and contemporary writers, directors and producers – the ‘content creators’ – are getting international exposure.

Jampro’s Film Commissioner Carole Beckford says the it has been coming in a number of ways. One is through a visit that she and other interested parties made to Los Angeles, California, in the United States, between March 10 and 16.

“We met with some of the best movie producers in the business in the black community of the city and we found out that Jamaica is indeed a location they are interested in – and not just for filming. They want to work with us,” Beckford told me recently.

She pointed out that this is quite a change. “Jamaica has been a backdrop to Hollywood for so…

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