Film–Screening of “Hugo Chavez: A Portrait from Europe”

Commandante Hugo Chavez:
Guided By A GREAT Feeling of LOVE!
Hasta la Victoria, Siempre!!!
A Luta Continua…

Repeating Islands


According to Hands Off Venezuela, the recent premiere of the Telesur documentary Hugo Chavez: a portrait from Europe in London on April 15 provided a lively discussion on the recent sanctions levied by American imperialism against the Bolivarian Revolution. The director of the film Pablo Roldán and Alan Woods (editor of In Defence of Marxism led the discussion.

Pablo Roldan first spoke on the inspiration behind the film. He explained that in 2006, Chavez came to Vienna for a EU-Latin America/Caribbean summit. Hands off Venezuela organized a solidarity meeting for Chavez to speak at, but as the President of Austria organized a dinner that same night, they did not know if Chavez would show up. The organizers of Hands off Venezuela really began to panic as thousands of people poured into the venue wanting to hear from the leader of the Bolivarian revolution. Finally, Chavez arrived. He was…

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