National Gallery of Jamaica West Presents “Xaymaca: Nature and the Landscape in Jamaican Art”

Sweet Sweet #Xaymaca
Nuh Weh Nuh Betta Than Yard!!!

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Tanya Batson-Savage writes about the upcoming exhibition, “Xaymaca: Nature and the Landscape in Jamaican Art,” which will soon open at the National Gallery of Jamaica’s Montego Bay branch: National Gallery West. Curated by curate by Dr. Veerle Poupeye (Executive Director of the National Gallery) and O’Neil Lawrence (Senior Curator) the exhibition will be on view from Friday, May 8, at 7:00pm through August 8, 2015. The National Gallery of Jamaica West is located at the Montego Bay Cultural Centre in Sam Sharpe Square, Montego Bay, Jamaica. Batson-Savage explains:

An exhibition on the Jamaican landscape certainly comes at an important moment in the country’s history, when many fear that we are fast become the land of not so much wood and polluted waters. The battle between environmentalists and the government over issues such as the creation of a hub at protected national reserve Goat Island and the Roaring River Water Shed, both of…

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