Dominican-Haitian Women Women’s Movement Decries Lack of Cooperation on Both Sides of the Border

Solidarity is OUR most potent Weapon!!!!

Repeating Islands

E3D47FD2-0949-483C-A85F-30D6A347A7AE.jpg__209__400__CROPz0x209y400The Dominican-Haitian Women’s Movement (MUDHA) has said that the Haitian government’s lack of support to its nationals in Dominican Republic is the main reason why many have yet to register for regularization in the Dominican Republic. According to Dominican Today, Haiti is not providing the necessary documents needed to apply under the new “regularization” law in the DR.

Quoted by, Movement leader Cristina Luis Francisco said despite their efforts Port-au-Prince fails to provide help needed such as identity documents to its nationals.

Hundreds of Haitian nationals from the capital’s suburbs visited the government office building Juan Pablo Duarte in Santo Domingo over the weekend, seeking assistance to legalize their status through the regularization plan.

Luis said MUDHA has been helping Haitians in the registration process at the 24 offices throughout the country. “We expect most people to register,” she said, and reiterated that the organization regrets that…

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