Mumia on The 30th Anniversary Of The Move Bombing

Brick By Brick
Wall By Wall
Its Time To Free Them ALL…
Free Mumia – Free MOVE9 – Free Oscar

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This essay was recorded on 4/26/2015 and was released on 5/13/2015 on the 30th anniversary of the MOVE bombing.
MAY 13TH AT 30
[col. writ. 4/26/15] © ’15 Mumia Abu-Jamal
Why should we care what happened on May 13th, 1985?
I mean, seriously, that was 30 years ago, a long time ago, way back when, know what I mean?
Most people won’t say that – but they think it.
I’ll tell you why – because what happened then is a harbinger of what’s happening now – all across America.
I don’t mean bombing people (not yet, that is).
I mean the visceral hatreds, and violent contempt once held for MOVE is now visited upon average people – not just for radicals and revolutionaries – like MOVE.
In May, 1985, officials justified the vicious attacks on MOVE children by saying they, too, were “combatants”. In Ferguson, Missouri, as police and National…

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