Water Under the Bridge

Great Reflective Post…and InSights…

Embracing ART

Day Three: Water & Orientation

Brooklyn Bridge Brooklyn Bridge

Brooklyn Bridge Brooklyn Bridge

Starring at the Bridge took my thoughts to the old age saying, ‘Water Under the Bridge’.   I kind of wonder though,  how far under the bridge does it really go.   Do we really let go of the things that were done to us?   The things that hurt us so much that we can really forgive,  and straight out bluntly say,  ‘water under the bridge,  don’t worry about it’.   I believe, we all should be able to do this,  for the sake of our own happiness and well being.  But I for one know that it is easier said then done.   We have to try and just imagine all that hurts us flowing under the bridge,  crossing into the river,  and pray fully being swept into the sea.   Imagine if you will,  a fast current coming straight for…

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