Haitian Migrants Face Mass Deportations from Dominican Republic

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Tens of thousands of Haitians born in the Dominican Republic are at risk of expulsion, TeleSur reports.

Haitian immigrants crowding the streets in front of the country’s immigration registry office were met with repression by Dominican Republic police authorities on Monday, according to local media reports. Haitian immigrants living in the Dominican Republic face possible deportation on Thursday if they fail to register with the country’s immigration department before the government imposed deadline.

As the deadline approached, many applicants have complained of long wait times at registration centers, preventing them from registering. Nevertheless, Dominican Foreign Affairs minister Andres Navarro issued a statement on Monday saying that fears of mass deportations of Haitians living illegally in Dominican territory are unfounded.

In recent days, undocumented Haitians have held demonstrations denouncing inaction by both the Haitian and Dominican governments to provide them with required documents so they can register with the National Plan…

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Julian Marley to release 4th album

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Julian Marley is working on his fourth album which is expected to be out early next year. According to the 40-year-old singer, it will display his artistic maturity. Jamaica Observer reports:

“A lot of creativity will be on the album. Creativity is something that flows each day and everyday life is an experience. I have matured and progressed a lot since my last album,” said Marley.

Marley worked mainly with producers at Ghetto Youths International on the project. He is co-owner of that label along with his brothers Stephen and Damian, who produced his current single, Lemme Go. The song is on the Corner ‘riddim’ and addresses recent moves to decriminalise ganja in Jamaica.

“It’s great to see the herb getting free-up in Jamaica an’ around the world. Reggae music an’ the herb have enjoyed a good mix over the years and the hemp industry has been around for a…

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