Rhythms of the Motherland, AFRICA!!!

Repeating Islands


This article by Beverly Ryan appeared in The Village Voice.

With Que Bajo?!, DJs and producers Geko Jones and Uproot Andy have been holding it down for the Latin side of the global bass movement in New York since 2010. At the monthly tropical dance party, clubgoers break into couples (or not) to dance to electronic permutations of cumbia and other rhythms native to Latin America and the Caribbean. The next Que Bajo?! will take place at the Wick in Bushwick on July 11, but it’s more than just another installment of their body-shaking dance party: The dance night will be a part of the upcoming Afro-Latino Festival, a celebration Jones has played a part in organizing.

In addition to contributing his skills as a DJ, Jones helped curate the live acts at the festival for the first time since its inception. A self-described Puerto-‘lombian, he says the festival’s mission…

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