Poem: She Left no Bruises – poem about man being abused

This is a profound piece…
Written from a Man’s perspective, yet extremely insightful for all optics…

Poetry on Violence and Healing

A kind man sent me this some time ago and I don’t know if I ever posted it.  I will be included in a collection of poems that will be out soon.  I thought of the men out there that feel so alone, this poem will hit home.
Love & Peace,

She Left No Bruises
by Matthew D. Leichty
She never hit, she never struck,
So there was never any concern,
For she left no bruises,
No mark, no damage,
And she loved me the next day.

When her fury raged,
And she spat out insults,
They were only words;
They left no bruises,
And surely you can not consider them violence.

When I wept,
And asked her the reason for her cruelty,
She explained,
Were I only to defend myself
Then it could all be stopped,
And I was only being tested.

I nodded, and said I…

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