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Eli Dokosi

wailers2Evolving from its mento, ska, rock-steady days to reggae, this uniquely Jamaican creation has become a genre partaken off by millions all over the world and thanks to its continuous adaptation, the next 50 years will surely have reggae representation.

Desirous to have something Jamaican to call their own at independence in 1962 from Britain, the little islanders shifted from the fast and intense ska in the 60’s to the calm rock-steady which eventually grew into reggae.

wailersIn reggae is found funk, RnB, soul and when ready for consumption comes with a jazzy feel. Reggae’s foremost flag bearers were the ‘Wailing Wailers’ comprising Bob Nesta Marley, Peter Tosh and Bunny Wailer. The group would stake a claim in the tough world of music and the hard to please Jamaican audience with their first hit ‘Simmer Down’ in 1964 and would go on to tour the globe and become a household…

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