Puerto Ricans Brace for Crisis in Health Care

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Lizette Alvarez and Abby Goodnough (The New York Times) explore the sad conditions of the health care system in Puerto Rico. In my view, unless you can pay your medical bills out of pocket, the island’s health care system has been nightmarish ever since I can remember. When I read this title, I was aghast; how can the health care crisis get any worse? For a deeply depressing answer, read this:

The first visible sign that the health care system in Puerto Rico was seriously in trouble was when a steady stream of doctors — more than 3,000 in five years — began to leave the island for more lucrative, less stressful jobs on the mainland. Now, as Puerto Rico faces another hefty cut to a popular Medicare program and grapples with an alarming shortage of Medicaid funds, its health care system is headed for an all-out crisis…

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