Applications are open for TED2016 Fellows — and you should apply

Global Sisterz Media is encouraging our readers to explore this opportunity & share their ideas…

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TED Fellows aren’t easy to classify. In the latest class, there’s a bioengineer who programs bacteria to change the color of urine to signal the presence of cancer — and to make bold, brightly colored art. There’s a data scientist who dreamed up a tool to let anyone with a cell phone build a credit score, even if they don’t have access to a bank. An astronomer who uses her training as an actor to inspire a new generation of scientists. A deaf artist whose sound installations explore our relationship to noise and language.

If you’re an innovator whose work crosses boundaries, you may just find a home in the TED Fellows program. The program welcomes thinkers with big vision — and helps them share their ideas with the world.

Why should you apply to be a TED Fellow? The TED Fellows program has a long track record of taking…

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