CFP: Race, Religion, Culture and Education in the Caribbean

Repeating Islands



Proposed book: Race, Religion, Culture and Education in the Caribbean

Researchers and practitioners are invited to submit proposals for chapters in a forthcoming book titled Race, Religion, Culture and Education in the Caribbean.

The proposed book will focus on the relationship between race, religion, culture and education in the Anglophone Caribbean. It will investigate the crossroads between ethnic diversity (anthropology) and teaching and learning in the region. The edited volume will seek to address the following questions: How, why and where do various ethnic groups learn, perform and behave differently? How is schooling organized in various ethnic-based educational institutions? How are dissimilar cultures transmitted covertly and overtly in schools? What insights can anthropology give into practical problems encountered in teaching and learning? The book will also explore several educational and anthropological theories that provide lenses for understanding the intersection between sociology, cultural studies and education.

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