When the Rastaman Speaks: Climate Change and Food Security

Yes, RASTA!!!
It’s time WE elevate the Conversation globally on these issues & make the connections to racism, gentrification, displacement, violence, WAR, mass incarceration, POVERTY, etc..

Repeating Islands


Dizzanne Bill interviews Carus John-Bejai, who, she writes, “is breaking the mold.” She adds that “At 23, this rastaman is flying through a PhD at the University of Nottingham, hoping to shed critical insight for Trinidad’s farmers in a changing climate.” See excerpts of her article and interview of John-Bejai, who comments on climate change and how it affects food security, among other issues:

Climate change threatens to impede upon any progress made in the eradication of hunger by decades and the global food system is not ready to handle this challenge. Carus’ dream is to be a plant breeder for tropical crops, and his passion is evident in the interview below. Given that climate change is already having severe impacts on the what, when, and how much of our consumption, it is particularly inspiring to see young Caribbean people standing ready as the technical minds behind solution-oriented approaches to…

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