Save NYC’s West Indian Day Parade

This erasure of Cultural Expressions/Heritage must NOT be allowed.

We will NOT be silenced!!!

#Brooklyn #WestIndianFestival

Repeating Islands

Parade_1BM_t580This Op-Ed piece by Fordham University professor Christina Greer appeared in The Amsterdam News.

Each Labor Day weekend, thousands of New Yorkers gather to celebrate “One Caribbean, One People, One Voice.” People come from miles around to celebrate their heritage, learn about the great cultures of the Caribbean, observe the intricate and vibrant costumes and to be inspired by the music, food, love and beauty of Black people from across the Diaspora.

All Caribbean nations are products of slavery, colonialism and some of the most brutal acts committed by man. However, during the now famous West Indian Day Parade, multiple generations from many nations gather in Brooklyn to celebrate the beauty of their various and diverse histories and cultures. There are now clamors to cancel this celebration because of violence that occurred in the hours before the parade. Cancelling the West Indian Day Parade would not only rob all New…

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