U.S. Virgin Islands Governor Proclaims Dec. 1 World Aids Day in the Territory

[…] Only 19 percent of the Virgin Islands HIV population achieved viral suppression.

While the statistics are alarming, new medications, scientific advancements, and treatment and prevention efforts give us reason for hope. “Poverty, instability, infidelity, intravenous drug use, co-infection with other STD’s, violence, lack of access to adequate health care and ignorance all contribute to the epidemic. Fear, shame, anger, ignorance and injustice worldwide are currently causing people living with HIV/AIDS unnecessary pain due to the stigma associated with the disease,” said Mapp in the proclamation.[…]

Repeating Islands

world-aids-dayGovernor Kenneth E. Mapp has proclaimed Thursday, December 1, as World AIDS Day in the United States Virgin Islands and urged all citizens to take part in activities and observances designed to increase awareness and understanding of HIV/AIDS in the community and as a global challenge, to take part in HIV/AIDS prevention activities and programs throughout the territory, and to join the global effort to prevent the further spread of HIV/AIDS.

World AIDS Day is a day to remember those who have been lost to this deadly disease and give compassion and hope to those who live courageously with HIV/AIDS every day. It is important that we continue to promote HIV/AIDS awareness and prevention in order to help prevent further spread of this disease.

Part of an effective response is to help collaborative partners work together nationally and internationally to prevent the spread of HIV. The goal of the Virgin…

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