Jamaican Book Party for 2015 Miami Book Fair

SALUTE! All the emerging Writers/Authors within & across the Jamaican diaspora

[…] According to the organizers, the book party will present a mixture of readings, discussion about the state of Jamaican literature as well as the opportunity to mix, mingle and be introduced to some great Jamaican books. […]

Our aim is to take Jamaican books, by authors at home and abroad to world. Through Read Jamaica we want to tell the world, not only about the writers they are already aware of, but authors they should be paying attention to.”[…]

Repeating Islands

Miami-Book-Fair-with-Tanya-Batson-Savage.jpgRead Jamaica, a book promotions outfit based in Kingston, Jamaica will be bringing literary vibes from ‘yaad’ to the 2015 Miami Book Fair, South FLorida Caribbean News reports.

In addition to showcasing and promoting Jamaican books at the eagerly anticipated Miami Book Fair, Read Jamaica will also be collaborating with the Consulate General of Jamaica to Miami to present a Book Party on Thursday, November 19, 2015 at 6:00pm.

The Book Party  line-up includes Florida-based Jamaican authors Geoffrey Philp, David Muir (Pieces of Jamaica) and Judith Falloon-Reid, who recently released her latest novel The Silent Stones. These three will be joined by the Jamiacan-based authors Tanya Batson-Savage (Pumpkin Belly and Other Stories) and Kellie Magnus (the Little Lion Series). The evening will also feature the US soft-launch of iPublishJa, a publishing consultancy specializing in digital books.

According to the organizers, the book party will present a mixture of readings, discussion about the…

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