Jamaican Ministry: No imported honey, honeybee products allowed

[…] It said that beekeeping in Jamaica is critical to the agricultural production systems as most of the crops that farmers and consumers depend on require insects as pollinators. Honeybees are the main insect pollinators and some of the crops that are pollinated by honeybees are pumpkin, melon, cantaloupe, cucumber, pear, ackee, and guinep.[…]

Repeating Islands

honey-bees-326337_1280.jpgTHE Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries’ Apiculture Unit has warned against the illegal importation of honey and honeybee products into the country.

According to the ministry, the Apiculture Unit, with the assistance of beekeepers, has discovered and removed the eight brands of imported honey and one brand of bee pollen found on the shelves of some health food stores in Kingston and St Andrew.

“Records of the Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries indicate that no import permits for bee products (honey and pollen) have been granted by the chief plant protection officer [at the] Apiculture Unit for their entry, and as such these items are considered to be illegal,” a ministry statement said.

“Under the Bee Control Act of 1918 no bees, honey or beekeepers’ stock shall be brought within the limits of this Island, save with the permission in writing of the chief plant protection officer first had and…

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