I Wish I Knew How It Would Feel To Be Free

Nina Simone, PRESENTE! Ebony Beauty, Magnetic & Complex, Freedom, yet Bondaged, African Griot infused Jazz, SOUL, Rhythm&Blues... UBUNTU: Simultaneously rooted & transcendent UHURU: I-n-I, Mother, Sistren, timeFULLclassic "..'Birds in the Sky', Ms. Simone, I overstand the FREEDOM that you gave us, musically..." Asë

Havana Air to offer online booking for Cuba flights January 1

[…] The flights bookable on Havana Air’s website, havanaair.com, will be the 85-plus charter flights the company currently operates each month. Travelers will also be able to handle all required authorization forms and purchase visas online, the company said.

Tourism by Americans to Cuba is not legal, but Americans traveling for one of 12 authorized purposes may visit the island without advance authorization from the U.S. government.[…]

Repeating Islands


Jane Wooldridge (Miami Herald) writes that Miami-based Havana Air will be become the first airline to offer real-time online booking for flights to Cuba when it launches its new booking engine January 1, 2016. 

The move is the latest effort to claim market share in the burgeoning battle over air travel between the U.S. and Cuba, following an announcement last week that the two countries planned to resume regularly scheduled commercial flights.

Last week, American Airlines — which has long operated charters to Cuba – announced it had reached an agreement with the island governent to establish regular service, pending approval by the U.S. Department of Transportation. Silver Airways, JetBlue and United have also expressed interest in offering scheduled flights.

The flights bookable on Havana Air’s website, havanaair.com, will be the 85-plus charter flights the company currently operates each month. Travelers will also be able to handle…

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Jamaica at the Mercy of Climate Change

[…] According to the Planning Institute of Jamaica (PIOJ), Jamaica has been losing ground with regard to GDP. As far back as 2006, seven point three per cent of Jamaica’s GDP was lost as a result of severe impact of climate change. This figure continues to increase.

Climate change is primarily problematic because the majority of populations of small-islands states live along the coastline, and these developing states share a more intimate relationship with the surrounding water bodies. […]

Repeating Islands


Jamaica’s Yohan Lee explains how climate change needs to be kept under two degrees to save his island and its inhabitants in this article for businessGreen. Here’s an excerpt, follow the link above for the original report.

Derrick Douglas had never known it so bad.

“For this particular period between 2014 and 2015, I think no one expected that sort of harsh drought that we experienced. We [farmers] were not aware that it would be so devastating,” he said.

Douglas, 55, became a farmer after being a teacher for several years, in hope of earning more from his efforts. He cultivates a variety of crops and ground provisions, including scotch bonnet peppers, lettuce, pak choi, carrots, yams and cocoa – on a farm in McNie District in the ‘garden parish’ of St. Ann.

The unpredictability of rainfall has made farming procedures more expensive. Drought conditions have eased but another…

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New Supreme Leader Of Vodou Named In Haiti

Krik? Krak!

[•••] The induction ceremony for Zamor will take place on March 7, 2016 in Place des Gonaives. His term will run for seven years and metropolehaiti.com reports that he has promised to carry on the work of Beauvoir and also called for unity among his people.[…]

Repeating Islands


A country and a religion felt the painful death of Max Beauvoir in September of this year. Beauvoir was a Vodou priest who had been elevated to level of Ati, the supreme leader of the religion. Elected by a unanimous vote on Thursday, the new Ati will be Alcenat Zamor, Lilith Dorsey announced in this reports for Patheos.com.

The induction ceremony for Zamor will take place on March 7, 2016 in Place des Gonaives. His term will run for seven years and metropolehaiti.com reports that he has promised to carry on the work of Beauvoir and also called for unity among his people.

Alcenat Zamor is 60 years of age and hails from the town of Gros Morne. He has been a practicing Vodou priest for 42 years. Some are calling Zamor a visionary, and some are saying no one will be able to replace Max Beauvoir.

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Zora Neale Hurston Continues to Make Headlines Through Her Writings, Books, and Her Dust Tracks Trail

Zora Neale Hurston, Harambe!!!

January marks her 125th bornMONTH

[•••] “Their Eyes Were Watching God” was one of her most well-known works, which was written in Haiti in seven weeks and includes the history of the 1928 Florida Hurricane as its backdrop. Zora died in January 1960, following two strokes during her years in Fort Pierce. […]

Repeating Islands

T0012256285--592312.JPGWhen the New Year begins, it will bring two events together in January related to the noted Harlem Renaissance author, anthropologist and folklorist Zora Neale Hurston — her 125th Birthday and a new play on Hurston’s life, friends and folklore, Adrienne Moore reports for TC Palm.com.

“I’ve LIVED” will introduce guests at The Sunrise Theatre with new stories, a review of her written work and her love of Fort Pierce.

Written by local playwright Brenda Cooper, the story of Hurston’s life comes alive as Cooper and a cast of local actors present Zora in this drama production, scheduled for Saturday, Jan. 2 at 7 p.m. at The Sunrise.

Tickets are $25 per person and are available at the downtown Box Office on South Second Street or by phone at 772-461-4775 or online at boxoffice@sunrisetheatre.com.

Tickets are also available by contacting Brenda Cooper directly at 772-332-1220.

Hurston arrived in Fort…

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Puerto Rican Hip-Hop Icon Tego Calderon Mixes Prose and Politics

Viva Puerto Rico Libre!!!

Long Live the Spirit of Lolita Lebron & the Independistas!!!

Freedom for Oscar Lopez & ALL Political Prisoners!!!

[•••] Puerto Rico kept reminding us at every turn that this is, in fact, a place of tremendous beauty and soul. And part of that was the music and joy of living that the people exuded, even during their most troubled time.
In addition to hearing some of the island’s traditional bomba music, we paid a visit to one of the most legendary rappers in Puerto Rico, Tego Calderon. He is responsible for some of Latin hip-hop’s most danceable music, but is also vocal about Puerto Rican independence — his lyrics are some of the more politically deep ones in Latin music.

Repeating Islands


NPR’s Morning Edition focused on Tego Calderón’s brand of reggaeton in “Puerto Rican Hip-Hop Icon Tego Calderon Mixes Prose and Politics.” Read the following short description by Jasmine Garsd, with a link to the interview below:

When the Morning Edition team arrived in Puerto Rico to report our series on the island’s difficult situation, one of the first things we noticed was, strangely enough, the sound of the coquis — tiny frogs whose mating chant goes on throughout the night. In fact, the sound of music — whether by the coquis, from stores, or blaring from passing cars — accompanied us continually. The island seems to always keep moving to the sound of various beats.

It would be too easy to arrive at a location as a journalist and shuttle from one story to the next — crime, unemployment, exodus. But Puerto Rico kept reminding us at every turn that…

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