Puerto Rican Hip-Hop Icon Tego Calderon Mixes Prose and Politics

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[•••] Puerto Rico kept reminding us at every turn that this is, in fact, a place of tremendous beauty and soul. And part of that was the music and joy of living that the people exuded, even during their most troubled time.
In addition to hearing some of the island’s traditional bomba music, we paid a visit to one of the most legendary rappers in Puerto Rico, Tego Calderon. He is responsible for some of Latin hip-hop’s most danceable music, but is also vocal about Puerto Rican independence — his lyrics are some of the more politically deep ones in Latin music.

Repeating Islands


NPR’s Morning Edition focused on Tego Calderón’s brand of reggaeton in “Puerto Rican Hip-Hop Icon Tego Calderon Mixes Prose and Politics.” Read the following short description by Jasmine Garsd, with a link to the interview below:

When the Morning Edition team arrived in Puerto Rico to report our series on the island’s difficult situation, one of the first things we noticed was, strangely enough, the sound of the coquis — tiny frogs whose mating chant goes on throughout the night. In fact, the sound of music — whether by the coquis, from stores, or blaring from passing cars — accompanied us continually. The island seems to always keep moving to the sound of various beats.

It would be too easy to arrive at a location as a journalist and shuttle from one story to the next — crime, unemployment, exodus. But Puerto Rico kept reminding us at every turn that…

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Hip-Hop Video Director Spiff TV Will Make Music History in 2016

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[•••] Years of A&R-ing for millennial rappers, shooting vivid visuals and unearthing some of your favorite hip-hop beats (see Albert Anastasia) resulted in Spiff carving out a lane for himself.

In an era where rap music isn’t just rap music but often a fusion of genres, and urban latino means a gamut of caribbean and Afro sounds, Spiff is capitalizing on momentum while simultaneously putting on for his culture. How? By single-handedly producing a full-length album boasting some of the most innovative collaborations yet, between reggaeton and rap artists.[—]

Repeating Islands

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An interview with Marjua Estevez for Vibe. Here are some excerpt. Follow this link for the complete interview.

Spiff TV, né Carlos Suarez, moves around the proverbial chessboard with meticulous sway, always predicting the upward trend in music—eyes on the Internet and ears to the streets. A child of hip-hop and overall student of the industry, Spiff has spent the last decade building his résumé, most notably as Rick Ross’ chief video director. Yet, the music producer and A&R at large can trace his wizardry behind the lens back to when reggaeton, a historically underground music, began to sweep Orlando (or Little Puerto Rico) circa early 2000s.

“I was working with Noreaga,” he says to VIBE Viva. “When he was doing ‘Oye Mi Canto’ and all those other big Latin records, I was going on the road with him.”

Years of A&R-ing for millennial rappers, shooting vivid visuals and unearthing some of your favorite hip-hop beats (see Albert…

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