Jamaica at the Mercy of Climate Change

[…] According to the Planning Institute of Jamaica (PIOJ), Jamaica has been losing ground with regard to GDP. As far back as 2006, seven point three per cent of Jamaica’s GDP was lost as a result of severe impact of climate change. This figure continues to increase.

Climate change is primarily problematic because the majority of populations of small-islands states live along the coastline, and these developing states share a more intimate relationship with the surrounding water bodies. […]

Repeating Islands


Jamaica’s Yohan Lee explains how climate change needs to be kept under two degrees to save his island and its inhabitants in this article for businessGreen. Here’s an excerpt, follow the link above for the original report.

Derrick Douglas had never known it so bad.

“For this particular period between 2014 and 2015, I think no one expected that sort of harsh drought that we experienced. We [farmers] were not aware that it would be so devastating,” he said.

Douglas, 55, became a farmer after being a teacher for several years, in hope of earning more from his efforts. He cultivates a variety of crops and ground provisions, including scotch bonnet peppers, lettuce, pak choi, carrots, yams and cocoa – on a farm in McNie District in the ‘garden parish’ of St. Ann.

The unpredictability of rainfall has made farming procedures more expensive. Drought conditions have eased but another…

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