Black Excellence: Polow Da Don’s New Group Vintage Nation Drops Ode To Melanin “Cuz I’m Black” [Video]


Vintage Nation “Cuz I’m Black"

Vintage Nation Kicks Off Black History Correctly With #CUZIMBLACK Movement

We’re so happy to be starting off Black History Month strong — when we saw this new video by Vintage Nation we knew y’all would be just as excited to see it as we were. Before we show you the clip, here’s a little background:

#CUZIMBLACK is a movement that celebrates black culture through a positive and empowering message. If a picture is worth a thousand words, the right sentiment is worth a million! #CUZIMBLACK is a statement of confidence, value and undeniable strength, whether evoking emotions of civil liberties or civil rights or the reality that comes with being black.

These visuals are STUNNING. Can you imagine the time and effort that went into the image selection for this video? It’s really something to behold and make us all proud of the many great strides our people have taken…

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