Sit Down Stans: Indian Writer Explains Why Beyonce’s New Video With Coldplay Is Cultural Appropriation


Indian Writer Says Beyonce’s New Video Is Cultural Appropriation

Is Coldplay and Beyonce’s new video for “Hymn For The Weekend” straddling the line between cultural appropriation and cultural appreciation?

Indian site Chakra News explains why Queen Bee was wrong for wearing traditional clothing and exploiting the country’s rich culture.

As for Beyoncé’s role, it was awkward and sometimes felt disrespectful. Most of the frustration came around Beyoncé’s poor and effortless attempt at learning the ancient Hindu dance style Bharatnatyam. During her camera-time mimicking a Bollywood actress (not sure why they couldn’t have an Indian play for this role in the 1st place, but thats a later argument) she twirls her wrists and hands like its some exotic ritual and actual steps of an traditional Indian dance form. On the contrary, to anyone that watched Bharatnatyam dance performances, it looks like a mockery vs. authentic amateur attempt.

To give an analogy…

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