Tarica June Takes On Gentrification In D.C. With Conscious Rhymes “But Anyway” [Video]


Y’all ready for a new female MC on the block?

DC Hip Hop Artist Tarica June premieres music video for the politically inspired single “But Anyway,” created over a patchwork of old school tracks utilizing the nostalgia of songs by Suzanne Vega, Eric B. & Rakim, and P.M. Dawn, cleverly illustrating the pangs of a city in deep socioeconomic flux

It’s no secret that the presence of the female emcee in the landscape of mainstream hip-hop culture is severely underrepresented. A culture that seems to undervalue the non-conforming female voice unwilling to bend to trends and commercial viability. But Washington, DC based hip hop artist Tarica June has a unique and celebrated skill set that undoubtedly gives her quite the edge on the competition, male and female. Her dossier flaunts high praises from the likes of seminal hip-hop artist Chuck D (Public Enemy) and upcoming collaborations with hip…

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