Break the Internet for Dr. Mutulu Shakur!

Elev8 OURr Voices
Demand the FREEDOM of Dr. Mutulu Shakur, Leonard Peltier and ALL Political Prisoners!!!


Moorbey'z Blog

Please share widely Family: 

The #MutuluIsWelcomeHere Campaign is running in high gear to get as many people to testify that Mutulu is welcome in their communities!

If you haven’t submitted your testimony yet, you can submit it here.

And after you do that…break the Internet for Mutulu!

Make #MutuluIsWelcomeHere a trending topic on Facebook, Twitter, and every possible social media outlet.  The more buzz generated about  Mutulu and his case, and the larger the roar of voices, literally and virtually, shouting  #MutuluIsWelcomeHere the harder it will be to justify an extended sentence for Mutulu.

Below is a list of suggested Facebook posts, Tweets, and pics that can easily copied and pasted. We are asking for people to take selfies and/or group shots while holding signs that say “I Support Mutulu Shakur” with our website, “”

Commit to posting about Mutulu at least once a day and as much as possible…

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