Mumia’z Health & Birthday Actionz

Brick by Brick
Wall by Wall
It’s Time To Free
Mumia Abu-Jamal & ALL Political Prisoners!!!


Moorbey'z Blog

As you know, we are on high alert around Mumia’s health and we are asking folks to call the prison and the DOC to demand that he immediately received the Hep C cure he needs. Mumia has been dozing off during visits and he has very dark leathery skin again. Our doctor, Joe Harris, predicted that Mumia would fall into crisis again, unless he was treated.  And here we are again! Please see numbers to call at or

I’m writing to encourage all of you to spread the word about this year’s weekend of resistance for Mumia’s birthday, which is coming up soon.

Below are details. This will appear as a palm card front and back — use the front which has all the events — but the back has important information too.

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