Wisconsin Bail Out the People Movement

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The number of deaths of our fellow brothers and sisters by police officers keep rising. According to the Washington Post that number across America reaches a high of 986 killings in 2015 alone. “Police killed blacks at three times the rate of whites [..] And although black men represent 6 percent of the U.S. population, they made up nearly 40 percent of those who were killed while unarmed.”

Something is wrong in America, and we see too often here at home. Law enforcement offices and officials target our community at disproportionate rates, whether it is MPD, ICE, or corrupt folks in office, someone threatens our livelihood.

The Student Union Movement invites you all to attend this informational workshop to learn how to defend ourselves when dealing with law enforcement and more about how institutional oppression affects people of…

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HTTPS Everywhere: Encryption for All Sites

Much Thanks & Appreciation #WORDPRESS News

Today we are excited to announce free HTTPS for all custom domains hosted on This brings the security and performance of modern encryption to every blog and website we host.

Best of all, the changes are automatic — you won’t need to do a thing.

As the EFF points out as part of their Encrypt the Web initiative, strong encryption protects our users in various ways, including defending against surveillance of content and communications, cookie theft, account hijacking, and other web security flaws. has supported encryption for sites using subdomains (like since 2014. Our latest efforts now expand encryption to the million-plus custom domains (like hosted on

The Let’s Encrypt project gave us an efficient and automated way to provide SSL certificates for a large number of domains. We launched the first batch of certificates in January 2016 and immediately starting working with Let’s Encrypt…

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