Solidarity Statement from Harvard Dining Hall Workers to Duke Students Sitting-in Protesting Racism and Abuse of Workers


SOLIDARITY is Our most Potent Weapon….

Wisconsin Bail Out the People Movement

From: Harvard Dining Hall workers Unite-Here local 26, Shop-steward committee

To: Duke student-worker occupiers

Your initiative in demanding an end to racist worker abuse and promoting workers’ justice at Duke has inspired the workers and student supporters here at Harvard. We at Harvard have been struggling to stop injustices on campus, from making healthcare unaffordable to respect on the job. Your struggle is felt on campuses throughout this country.

What you are doing is right. Your tactics in demanding justice for workers to be heard is the right thing to do. Your actions are defining who is the Duke community; the workers, students and faculty make everything happen at Duke. It is the effort of this entire community that makes the university what it is. It is also this community that strives to make it better. Your brilliant demand that workers be at the negotiating table reflects this reality and shows respect…

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