75,000 Gazans still displaced after 2014 war, UN says

From the River to the Sea
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Some 18 months after Israel’s Operation Protective Edge campaign in the Gaza Strip, some 75,000 Gazans are still internally displaced, with almost one in four people (23%) living in the rubble of their damaged homes, according to a report published Monday.

Only 3,000 out of an estimated 18,000 Gazan homes destroyed or badly damaged during the summer 2014 war have been rebuilt or repaired, according to OCHA — the United Nations Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs.

The figures emerge from research visits to the more than 16,000 families still displaced as a result of the 2014 war.

While the entry of cement into the enclave for building increased from summer 2015, progress has been slow thanks to “ongoing Israeli restrictions, the slow pace of disbursement of pledges made by member states for reconstruction, and the inability of the Palestinian Government of National Consensus to assume effective government functions…

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