Recent one-on-one interview with Oscar López Rivera

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José A. Delgado
April 11, 2016
Only when it’s raining does Oscar López Rivera reject the opportunity to go out to the yard during the only hour in the day he is allowed to be outside the four walls of the prison in Terre Haute, Indiana.
The rest of the time, it’s either freezing cold or insufferably hot. Between eight and nine o’clock in the morning, López Rivera is breathing the fresh air of the U.S. midwest.
López Rivera, who has served 35 years in prison, avoids thinking about how much time he still has left to serve, in spite of the fact that president Barack Obama’s term is coming to an end. His petition for executive clemency has been pending for four and a half years.
When he was arrested on May 29, 1981, López Rivera, a former militant in the clandestine group Armed…

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