The racist criminalization of Afrikan Amerikans

SALUTE! Comrade Abayomi

Moorbey'z Blog

by  Abayomi Azikiwe

Prison cell bars

When former President Bill Clinton spoke on April 7 in Philadelphia, protesters interrupted him, exposing Democrats’ role in the mass incarceration and state repression of oppressed peoples in the U.S. during the 1990s. He responded by trying to justify decades of criminalization of tens of millions of African Americans.

Clinton’s mere suggestion that African Americans were somehow responsible for the high rates of incarceration derived from racist assumptions. They deliberately ignore the ongoing legacy of slavery and Jim Crow manifested by pervasive racist discrimination in the labor market, educational system, housing sector and criminal justice system — and reflected in the corporate media.

Even though Bill Clinton later expressed his alleged regret for the confrontation, this does not absolve the U.S. ruling class for persistently targeting people of color communities and imprisoning 2.2 million women and men.

Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton has been confronted repeatedly over…

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