5 Ways To Get Organized Over Coffee



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Being organized is probably the most essential quality one can have. Honestly beauties, the simple truth is that attaining structure can have a positive effect on your work life, increase your productivity and can even be beneficial to your personal life. However, let’s face it, we often don’t tap into the inner organized goddess, but she does exist.

To ensure we all discover her, HelloBeautiful has five simple things you can do to bring order to your life all while sipping a cup of joe.

1.Use Checklists to Stay on Track

This is probably the simplest thing you can do to achieve structure. Creating a to-do list helps keep you on track with your daily goals. But as you’re breezing through that list of tasks, remember lovelies, don’t confuse quality with quantity. Just because your list has 10 items or more does not necessarily mean all the…

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April 23: Virginia People’s Assembly

SALUTE to ALL in the Struggle!


Wisconsin Bail Out the People Movement



High School students are walking out to save their schools!

Verizon workers are on strike!

Fast-food workers are Raising Up for $15 an hour!

UFCW Local 400 is fighting to keep jobs in Virginia!

Hundreds are marching against Dominion!


The latest updates on the 2016 VIRGINIA PEOPLE’S ASSEMBLY FOR JOBS, PEACE & JUSTICE are posted at: www.vapeoplesassembly.org

This 8th annual VPA will start at 9 am on Saturday, April 23, at Wesley Memorial United Methodist Church, 1720 Mechanicsville Turnpike in Richmond’s East End.

There are now 50 endorsing organizations, three plenary sessions, eight workshops and more than 30 speakers.

There’s still time for YOUR organization to get involved. Go online today! REGISTER to attend the conference. ENDORSE the VPA. Propose a WORKSHOP. Introduce a RESOLUTION. And HELP SPREAD THE WORLD!

Join and…

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Writing Process

#Writerz! WRITE!!

Live to Write - Write to Live

writingprocessSMALLBack in college, I had an English professor who talked about her “process” all the time. She talked about slaving over a piece day and night until worried friends finally took the type-written pages from her sweaty hands and turned them in for her because she never felt like her writing was good enough. Of course, once it was submitted, it was accepted and praised. The message my eighteen-year-old self took from hearing a semester’s worth of this kind of talk was that a writer’s process was necessarily difficult and even painful. I didn’t take any more English classes during my undergraduate career.

For years I thought all writers had the same process and I thought it was more difficult that a career in medicine.

Now, many years later, I realize each writer has their own process, and it’s up to each writer to figure out what process suits them…

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