SMH: Police Remove Black Merit Scholar From Graduation For Refusing To Take Off Kente Cloth

The Whole Damn System Is Corrupt!!!

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Black Merit Scholar Removed From Graduation For Wearing Kente Cloth

A gifted Black teen was forcibly removed from his California high school graduation by police for refusing to remove his traditional African kente cloth according to NY Daily News:

Nyree Holmes, 18, was ejected from the ceremony as he walked off the stage on Tuesday at Sleep Train Arena in Sacramento. The graduating Cosumnes Oaks High School senior had been urged to discard the item of clothing several times, and was told police would stop him, if it came to that.

“I go through shaking all the hands and smiling feeling as if I won,” Holmes wrote Tuesday on Twitter, according to the Atlanta Black Star. “Then when I get to the stairs I see three sheriffs at the bottom of the stairs. They tell me to leave with them and I said, ‘sure guys let’s go.'”

After he…

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Why #BlackSalonProblems Is The Best Hashtag You’ve Read This Month

YESSSS!! #theTRUTH #BlackSalonProblems
#AmtrakTrainRideToBrooklynSalon YESSSS!!! #GREENLocsOnFLEEK
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Close up hairstylist cutting hair in hair salon Source: Hero Images / Getty

Whether you’re natural or relaxed, many of us have spent plenty of time in a Black salon getting our butters whipped, for better or for worse. And thanks to Twitter, we can hilariously share our stories: The good, bad and the ugly.

Enter #BlackSalonProblems.

When your stylist has no respect for your time:

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A “Lil Positivity”: Black Harvard Graduate Gives “Most Powerful Student Speech Ever” [Video]

“Injustice is telling them ‘education is the key’, while you continue to change the locks…” #BlackAFRIKANWarriorz


Donovan Livingston

Harvard Graduate Performs Powerful And Passionate Poem At Commencement

Say your piece, brotha!

Harvard’s Graduate School of Education held their commencement ceremony on Wednesday and a student named Donovan Livingston gave what the school described on their Facebook page as “One of the most powerful, heartfelt student speeches you will ever hear!”

“Injustice is telling them ‘education is the key’, while you continue to change the locks…”

How many goosebumps you got right now?

Image via YouTube

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Sign the Petition: Stop the hog industry from spraying pig waste on our homes

I encourage ALL to watch the documentary about what is going on in North Carolina. Support the Work & Movement of the North Carolina Environmental Justice Network…

North Carolina Environmental Justice Network

Please consider signing Elsie Herring’s Petition: Stop the hog industry from spraying pig waste on our homes

HogWasteExcerpt of Petition: “The hog operation next door makes my life miserable. The pork industry down here in North Carolina places profits over my civil rights. I have no choice but to live with spray manure blowing onto my property. There’s an increase in snakes, rats, flies, and mosquitoes. There’s a horrific odor seeping into my house even when the windows are shut as the Health Department has advised.

Please sign my petition telling the Environmental Protection Agency’s Office of Civil Rights to help stop the civil rights violations here in North Carolina and protect families like mine from exposure to hog waste.

The powerful hog industry should not get away with this poor treatment of people of color and the environment just as those who brushed aside concerns of those in…

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