Cameroonian Rapper Valsero Launchez a Scathing Musical Attack on President Biya’z 33-Year Rule


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A screengrab od Cameroonian rapper Valsero from Motion de Soutien video.

Valsero, one of Cameroon’s most socially and politically engaged rappers, has released a new single in which he dishes up acerbic criticism of President Paul Biya‘s 33 years of “dictatorship”.

The song, titled “Motion de Soutien” (Motion of Support), is dedicated to the Cameroonian people and is a not-so-subtle response to the recent flurry of “motions of support” from militants of Cameroon’s ruling party asking the 83-year-old Biya to seek another presidential mandate in 2018.

The lyrics target more than three decades of broken promises, false hopes, unfulfilled dreams, widespread despair, corruption and disillusionment in Cameroon

33 years of dictatorship
33 years of corruption
33 years of nepotism
33 years of destruction
33 years of uninterrupted suffering and misery
33 years of arrogance, violence and humiliation
33 years of lies soothed by illusions
33 years of penance, sweat and tears in abundance
33 years of prayers still in search of a solution

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