Sak Pase! Miami School Sends Students Home For Wearing Haitian Flags On Haitian Flag Day

RIZE Dessallines Warriorz!!!


flag20n-1-webSak pase with that?!

Students Sent Home For Wearing Haitian Flag T-Shirts

A Mimai high school is making national headlines for its decision to send students home for paying homage to their Haitian roots.
The Miami Herald reports:

It was Haitian Flag Day on Wednesday and that’s apparently a big deal to Haitians — so big the Haitian Consulate in Miami closed for the day to commemorate the occasion.

But some students at Immokalee High in Collier County ran afoul of that school district’s Student Code of Conduct when the donned shirts with Haitian flags on them.

The code of conduct states students are prohibited from wearing or displaying all but four flags, none of them the Haitian flag.

At least half a dozen students who wore the Haitian flag shirts to school were told to go home and change. When some of them refused, they were sent home, according…

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