SMH: Police Remove Black Merit Scholar From Graduation For Refusing To Take Off Kente Cloth

The Whole Damn System Is Corrupt!!!

SALUTE!!!! #AfrikanWarrior



Black Merit Scholar Removed From Graduation For Wearing Kente Cloth

A gifted Black teen was forcibly removed from his California high school graduation by police for refusing to remove his traditional African kente cloth according to NY Daily News:

Nyree Holmes, 18, was ejected from the ceremony as he walked off the stage on Tuesday at Sleep Train Arena in Sacramento. The graduating Cosumnes Oaks High School senior had been urged to discard the item of clothing several times, and was told police would stop him, if it came to that.

“I go through shaking all the hands and smiling feeling as if I won,” Holmes wrote Tuesday on Twitter, according to the Atlanta Black Star. “Then when I get to the stairs I see three sheriffs at the bottom of the stairs. They tell me to leave with them and I said, ‘sure guys let’s go.'”

After he…

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