Muhammad Ali Givez a Dramatic Reading of Hiz Poem on the Attika Prison Uprising


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Muhammad Ali poem on the Attica prison massacre

The world famous boxer Muhammad Ali read a poem he wrote for the the Afro-Amerikan victimz of the 1971 Attika prison massacre.

In July of 1972, boxer Muhammad Ali traveled to Dublin to fight Alvin ‘Blue’ Lewis, an ex-con from Detroit. In the days leading up to the bout, he amused himself by busting on Fight of the Century victor Smokin’ Joe Frazier from afar, referring to him on live television as a “tramp” and a “slave” who lived on a “chicken plantation.

It was a career defining encounter for interviewer Cathal O’Shannon, who praised Ali’s deftness in that area and noted that the champ said things “he would not have been able to say in America.”

It’s doubtful that O’Shannon was referring to the name calling, part of Ali’s campaign to draw Frazier back into the ring. (The champ got his wish less than two years later…

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