SON LITTLE NPR Music Tiny Desk Concert

AMANDLA!!! Carry Forward The Tradition!!!!

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December 18, 2015 by BOB BOILEN
Son Little’s music pushes gospel and blues into the 21st century with guitar processing, including backward drones, and choirs made from his looped voice. As wonderful as his 2015 self-titled album sounds, having him at the Tiny Desk with his acoustic guitar and unprocessed voice, accompanied only by his soulful singing sister, Megan Livingston, and percussionist Jabari Exum was gently uplifting. The man born Aaron Livingston is the son of a preacher and knows how to deliver, how to connect directly to the heart. His sound is wonderfully universal, and here, at the Tiny Desk, magnificently subtle.

Son Little is available now.

Set List
“Lay Down”
“Your Love Will Blow Me Away When My Heart Aches”
“The River”

Producers: Bob Boilen, Morgan Walker; Audio Engineer: Josh Rogosin; Videographers: Morgan Walker, Julia Reihs; Production Assistant: Kate Drozynski; Photo by Jun…

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