“What to a Prisoner iz the 4th of July?”


We who believe in FREEDOM will NOT rest…

Liberation for MUMIA, Leonard Peltier, Sundiata, MOVE9 & ALL Our Political Prisoners …

Moorbey'z Blog

This painting was created for Prison Radio by artist & death row prisoner Kevin Cooper, 2016

My name is Bernadette Devlin McAliskey. Mumia Abu Jamal’s deep and resilient voice has been silenced and censored! I will read to you one of his illuminating commentary’s written on the occasion on Nelson Mandela’s visit to Philadelphia, in 1993.  Its message is still irrelevant today.  These words were hand written in a solitary confinement cell, by a man waiting execution! Mumia begins with a passage from Mandela’s speech that quotes Fredrick Douglas.  What to a Prisoner is 4th of July.
“At a time like this scorching irony, not convincing argument is needed.  Oh had I the ability and could I reach the nation’s ear.  I would today pour out a stream of bitting ridicule, blasting reproach withering sarcasm and stern rebuke. For it is light that is needed but fire, it is not…

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