MAY DAY: On May 1, March w/ WWP & 50+ groups @ Union Square!

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We MUST Change The System…”👈

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May 1-Shut It Down!!

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May Day Where?
Union Square!

Rally: Noon
March: 5pm

Join the Workers World Party contingent on May Dayas we rally and march with more than 50 organizations in support of striking and migrant workers, and against imperialist war and racist police terror. Defend migrants and all workers! Shut It Down!The Union Square rally will begin at Noon,  we will march off at 5 pm. See you there, and make sure to click ‘going’ on the FB events below:

WWP contingent FB Event

Union Square Coalition May Day FB Event

Over 50(!!) organizations will be bringing contingents
to Union Square this year:


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Report on Mumia Abu Jamal’s Post-Conviction Appeal Act Hearing

Brick by Brick
Wall by Wall
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Elev8 the Call 🔊
Free them ALL👊

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Report on Mumia’s PCRA Hearing on Challenge to Appeals based on Bias of former prosecutor, then Supreme Court judge Ronald Castille, April 24, 2017

Yesterday, April 24, 2017, Mumia Abu-Jamal’s 63rd birthday was the first court hearing on the PCRA (Post-Conviction Appeal Act) petitition that was filed on August 7, 2016 by attorneys Judith Ritter and Christina Swarns. Last June the U.S. Supreme Court issued a precedent-setting decision, Williams v. Pennsylvania, 136 S.Ct. 1989 (2016), holding it is a violation of the due process right to an impartial tribunal free of judicial bias if a judge participating in a criminal appeal had “a significant personal involvement as a prosecutor in a critical decision” in a defendant’s case.

Castille was the elected District Attorney during the preparation, argument and appeal of the 1982 conviction of Mumia for murder and the death sentence to the PA Supreme Court in 1988…

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Nina Simone🎤🎹🎶

“Sun In The Sky…You Know How I Feel…”🌖

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photo by Alex Lear


Nina is song. Not just a vocalist or singer, but actual song. The physical vibration and the meaning too. A reflection and projection of a certain segment of our mesmerizing ethos. Culturally specific in attitude, in rhythm, in what she harmonizes with and what she clashes against, merges snugly into and hotly confronts in rage. All that she is. Especially the contradictions and contrarinesses. And why not. If Nina is song. Our song. She would have to be all that.

Nina is not her name. Nina is our name. Nina is how we call ourselves remade into an uprising. Eunice Waymon started out life as a precocious child prodigy — amazingly gifted at piano. She went to church, sang, prayed and absorbed all the sweat of the saints: the sisters dropping like flies and rising like angels all around her. Big bosoms clad in white. Tambourine-playing, cotton-chopping, tobacco-picking…

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