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"Our Children Are More Than The Future, They Are The PRESENT!" - PhoenIIXSISTAHS🌍

How Addicted Are You To Blogging? #writerwednesday \📝📲/ Simply Marquessa

Photo credit: bernissimo / Foter / CC BY-NC-ND Dear New Friends and Old Blogging Friends, Like I mentioned in a previous post, the “pull” of blogging and networking is addictive. Making new friends, reading each others’ posts, the instant gratification of feedback…yes, it’s all very addictive. How addicted are you to blogging? And if you’ve […] … Continue reading How Addicted Are You To Blogging? #writerwednesday \📝📲/ Simply Marquessa

Local Optics || Mainstreaming Marijuana: Massachusetts

Moving Past Medical Many Massachusetts natives turned to medical marijuana when it was legalized, and this summer we'll see how many others turn to recreational marijuana as it becomes legal. Source: