AfroPoetics🌍 :📝 Afrikan WomYn -mYia X

Afrikan WomYn
-mYia X

One woman
alone on a journey
a journey to find self
a journey to get justice
a matchstick with a passion

This woman questioned Webster’s definition

Mother ~ Maidservant ~ Wife

Her Mirror revealed
An evolving atmospheric Essence of WOMAN

Warmth ~ Overstanding ~ Magnificent ~ Ally ~ Nurturer

A Black Afrikan Mother
sheltered me in her arms
She taught me about genuine, undying love
and I feared no harm

Queen Mother, Friend and Master Teacher taught me to Breathe ~ the right way

The Mother/Father Creator
will hold you up is what she’d always say

A Sister-Friend
sparked a revolution
and we became comrades in our evolution

she said, “FEAR is an illusion
for you a Blackstone Onyx

Let FREEDOM, a Black WomYn RING!”

The way got dark
and JAH sent me a boat
Oh No!

The water began to overtake me – STOP! Breathe…

My divine indigenous twin
pulled me into her canoe
“have NO FEAR

Beloved— We got you”

My political sister-moms
on the frontlines, behind the enemy lines

you know who you are

your undying revolutionary love


WomYn of Christ reminded me that although the weapon is formed it will not prosper

WomYn of Allah whispered
in my left ear ~ Fear Not!!

El-Shaddai : more than enough

WomYn of Buddha calmly
whispered in my right ear
Nam Myoho Renge Kyo

WomYn of Rastafari
reflected with me
LIONESS will devour all
who aim to harm her cubs

WomYn of Yoruba saw
The GOD-esque in me

They told me to RIZE
and look at what they see

The Seedz
Birthed or Appointed
reminded me that although the way seems dark

we taught them how to bring the FIRE

The girl-child of my womb
Gentle Warrior Princess
lovingly spoke life to me

“Mommy…faith as small
as a mustard seed can move mountains”

My heart and soul smiled ~ YES!

Our Children – Risin’

In 1999, I, emerged
As a young woman
sheep among wolves
seeking ~ wanting ~ challenging the definition of WOMAN

Spirit kept me still
And awakened the LIONESS within

I Rise a WomYn
surrounded by WomYn

Warrior: Overstanding: Magnificent: YOU:

The Elders in front
gracefully blazed the path

My SISTERZ on the left

My MOMZ on the right

Dawn of a New Day
We Embrace the sunRIZE


Speak Truth to the Power of WomYnhood

Speak Truth to the Power of Sisterhood

Our journey continues…




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