Habari Gani? GoodRISIN’ 🌍 Blavity.com | #BlackGirlsDo


Source: Blavity.com | http://bit.ly/2BZQpoj


Black women are magical, and that should always be a cause for celebration. That’s why we’re re-introducing the boundless beauty and strength among black women with the hashtag: #BlackGirlsDo

#BlackGirlsDo is a tribute to #BlackGirlMagic and a way to highlight and celebrate the things we do that make us the proud strong women we are. In February, we’ll be hosting a live-twitter chat on Blavity asking black women to use the #BlackGirlsDo hashtag to highlight and share moments from their lives of unexpected things they’ve done, how they’ve challenged harmful tropes, broken barriers and proven that black women can do anything — from becoming a ballerina like Misty Copeland, to earning a PhD in Physics like Dr. Chanda Prescod-Weinstein.

#BlackGirlsDo aims to amplify the accomplishments of black women everywhere — some small, some big. Some just getting the job done…some just doing … and some might even be unexpected, like a new mom sharing their pride in embracing motherhood, or by a black female student sharing why being enrolled in college is a meaningful accomplishment for her, or a black woman who is diagnosed with depression sharing her joy for being able to leave her home that day or even a black queer woman expressing her excitement for coming out and embracing all of who she.

#BlackGirlsDo is a tribute to and an extension of #BlackGirlMagic. While #BlackGirlMagic celebrates the undeniable power of black women, #BlackGirlsDo aims to showcase the amazing things Black women do despite the stereotypes or “caps” placed on our potential to do the impossible.

It’s a way to embrace and celebrate our existence and prove that other people don’t determine our worth or our wins, we do.

Black girls really can do anything, but sometimes we overlook the small things that make us who we are and bring us joy. That deserves praise and recognition, too.

So join us by using the #BlackGirlsDo hashtag online to embrace our existence and to say we not only can, but “we do”… all we need to do to get the job done, make the most of ourselves and make us all proud.


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